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When a storm or other disaster strikes, it’s easy to turn to the first roofing company that calls on you — and that could be a HUGE mistake. Many of these companies are fly-by-night “Storm Chasers”. They are here for two purposes… to get your money… and to get out of town!

In the process, they can leave you with a NIGHTMARE that can take more money and time to make right. Your insurance company has already paid all they are obligated to pay. How much time, money and stress do you want to put into chasing down a transient company, trying to enforce the warranty?

Don’t fall for too good to be true scams! Don’t end up settling for shoddy or substandard repairs and materials on your beloved home!

Why take the risk? Why not just employ an experienced, insured, and credentialed contractor from the start? Someone who has a VESTED INTEREST in your satisfaction?


The OBVIOUS question: how is Summit General Contracting different?

  • First, we have a different business model. Summit’s success has been, and always will be, founded on building relationships and referrals. We do not compromise on quality service or materials. We treat all our clients, as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We are here to stay! You will never have a problem locating us for any warranty work. We NEED you to locate us… so we can help you with our other services!
  • While other companies are at the mercy of the client’s insurance company… and their adjustors… WE ARE Certified Insurance Adjustors!

As Certified Insurance Adjusters, Summit has the tools and experience to negotiate with your insurance company.  We use the exact same software and methodologies the major insurers use. We will be your advocate. Often times, Insurance companies try only deal with visual, cosmetic damage. But, we are trained and certified to get you a fair estimate and to do everything possible to eliminate every trace of the event. We will be your advocate.

  • Summit is a *Preferred Vendor for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers.
  • We have experience installing everything from traditional asphalt shingles to specialty products such as slate tile or metal roofing.
  • Finally, Summit has the resources to address any issues and assist in any special needs of the client.


Summit General Contracting offers the following roofing services:

  • Free roof Inspections
  • Professional roof ventilation assessment
  • Manage your insurance claim throughout the process
  • Repair an existing, or install a new roof
  • Handle any warranty claims in a timely manner

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Live chat with us about Fort Worth residential roofing services or call (855) 501-8333. At Summit General Contracting it is our goal to provide 100% satisfaction as a residential roofing company in Fort Worth, TX.


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